Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DVD(s) of the Week: Long-Weekend Roundup!

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks on the movies front thanks to the Easter break, and not only in the "actually getting out to a cinema" sense but also in a "home viewing" sense. At least in part this is due to Ewan's increased interest in watching what we are watching, which means that most 12 rated and below movies go on earlier in the evening so we can all watch them. So, a bit of a catch up is in order, from the mixed bag that is the last couple of weeks viewing. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Movie Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson is one of those filmmakers who appears to exist in a bubble, seemingly free from the rest of the cinematic world. His films always feel like their own unique thing, rarely imitated and always unmistakable. I can think of other directors that exist with that commercially successful indie auteur space - the Coens, say, or Sodeburgh - but none that are so indelibly welded to a certain feel of a movie. And for some reason, I really like Anderson's films, despite all the little tics and mannerisms that should drive me crazy, and so it was with some anticipation we went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, possibly the most Wes Anderson film yet.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

DVD of the Week: Frozen

Frozen has become quite the thing, hasn't it? A few years ago, it seemed that Disney's in-house animation studio was on the way out for good, unable to compete with the Pixars and Dreamworks Animations of this world, and would be left to producing inferior straight-to-DVD sequels to past glories forever. The Disney Princess herself, consigned to history where it belongs. Right? Right? Well of course not. The Disney Princess, for all its problems, has had a grip on the collective imagination since the 1930s and that is feeding on something far older. They just needed a way into the modern world, and with Frozen they've seem to really hit a nerve.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Sometimes I can't decide if the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe "thing" is one of the most audaciously ambitious projects in movie history, or one of the safest. On the one hand, they're attempt to stitch together a coherent, multi-picture grand narrative out of blockbuster movies, holding faith in an audience to keep up with who is who and how it all hangs together. They're doing this by taking all sorts of risks with directors and actors, whilst missing many of the biggest names of the Marvel Universe. On the other hand, they're producing a succession of unchallenging tentpole movies geared towards the largest "four quadrant" audiences headlining with a bunch of white dudes doing the sort of actioneering we've all seen before. I mean, Captain America, right? He's a safe white dude who wears the American Flag, how safe can you get? Well, you get The Winter Solider, a movie that really does want to have it both ways. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Con Report: Sci-Fi Weekender 5

This weekend was our first Con of the year, a weekend away in North Wales at the Sci-Fi Weekender 5. Its our third time at the event formally known as the SFX Weekender, the second since SFX pulled out, which meant that year the con was both in a new location, and in a state of behind-the-scenes flux. Whilst I enjoyed SFW4, there as the sense that this was despite its problems, rather than because of it's strengths, and with several regular con-freinds not attending this year I think there was a slight air of anxiety before we went. It did mean that I was determined to do more "con stuff" to fill the gap; more panels, that sort of thing, and Z had decided that now was the time to try her hand at cosplay. So it was all to play for.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Games Review: Broken Age

Kickstarter has had a strange effect on the gaming industry over the last couple of years. The rise in Digital Distribution, especially on the PC, has allowed a hugely fun Indie scene to develop, but the additional of a robust (if not perfect) crowd-funding platform to the mix has lead to an explosion in games of all shapes and sizes, often, it seems, dominated by genres long abandoned by the big developers. Its a mixed blessing, in my opinion; I'm all for a bit of nostalgia, but often these genres lapsed for good reason, although its easy to forget in a gaming landscape so dominated by washed-out grey-brown man shooting other washed out grey-brown men whilst the game shouts at you to run to the next signpost. One of the biggest success stories of the early Kickstarter wave was Double Fine, promising a return to the great Point-and-click adventures of Yore, a game that became Broken Age.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DVD of the Week: Elysium

Can we all just take a minute to remember how good District 9 was? It seemed to come out of nowhere, which a biting storyline, a great central character arc, real-world relevance and some brilliantly realised imagery. I was totally blown away, as were a whole lot of other people, so the anticipation around Elysium - promising much of the same - was pretty high. Of course, it came out and the reviews were, well, fine, I guess, so by the time we're getting to see it my expectations of a repeat of the jaw-dropping impact of District 9 was pretty diminished. Which in some ways is a good thing, because no, it's not as good as District 9, but does deserved to be assessed on it's own merits.