Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Renewals Season!

Well, over in the US, at least. But seeing as with only a few exceptions, US TV is where all the good shows are coming from, it makes it quite an exciting time for followers of quality on the box.

So the good news is that Fringe got a final 13 episodes to wrap everything up, which is excellent news and Fox deserves a lot of praise for sticking with a show they lose money on in the short because it's unique and interesting and the sort of show that they think they should be putting out there. I think we all have to stop bitching about them cancelling Firefly now, OK? Also, Community has another series (albeit a shortened one) , and cable hits like The Walking DeadJustified and Game of Thrones are unsurprisingly coming back next year.

Also returning is the solidly decent, if not spectacular, Once Upon a Time, which I've become passably hooked on, and the patchy-but-engaging Castle, both of which I like possibly more than I should, so there's more them to look forward to, as well as the long list of shows I'm miles behind on.

Whats more interesting is the effect that renewal or cancellation has on my desire to watch - Once Upon a Time being renewed (because it's a hit) makes me more likely to keep watching, but with Alcatraz being cancelled its suddenly a lot less likely I'll start to work through the episodes stacked up on my DVR. Which is odd really, because so many of the shows I like don't have huge audiences, and as a fan of genre shows the hard edge of cancellation for shows I've become attached to is something I have to live with. So why should I care if Alcatraz is cancelled, it doesn't mean its no good, right?

Mind you they also cancelled Terra Nova, and that was rubbish, or at least far more dull than any show involving people being chased by dinosaurs had any right to be. But renewed Falling Skies, which was far more dull than any show involving the Earth being conquered by aliens had any right be, too.

Still, its nice that come the autumn, after I've spent the summer desperately trying to catch up with these shows, there are new episodes to look forward to!