Monday, November 26, 2012

ThoughtBubble 2012 Comic Round-Up

So, finally got chance this weekend to sit down and finish off the comics haul I got from last weeks rather fantastic Thoughtbubble Con. As ever, I had a pretty great time, caught up with a good bunch of people I rarely see, and spent far to much money. I also bought this lot:

Not Shown: The Rainbow Orchid. Which I bought on the Sunday. 

Not going to manage to write up all of them (and they are all good stuff), but a couple of highlights:

Gunderkreigg Court Vol 1
The published volumes of a webcomic, and is...kinda hard to explain. Set in a mysterious school (sort of) it slowly fills out a mythology in this first volume in a gentle, but carefully interlocking way, and although wary at first I found myself just sort of sinking into it. Its funny, easily read in bite-sized portions, and quite intriguing.

The Rainbow Orchid
I bought this on the sunday because people kept recommending it to me. Yes, people, you were right. It is very good. In many ways it looks like exactly what it is - a modern day riff on Tintin - but its effortlessly pacey and clever, with an interesting mix of characters and situations, that stays faithful to its period roots without being troubled with some of the period "baggage".

The Scorpion
I really like the Cinebook imprint, which imports non-English language comics from Europe to the English-speaking market. Its god a wonderfully diverse line up, from kids comics to conspiracy thrillers to space opera, and having bought up all the series I'd so far started, this year I just picked up three first issues. I'll probably give them all a second, but the best of the three was The Scorpion, a blend of religious conspiracy  swashbuckling hi-jinks and some good old-fashioned melodrama. Like most Cinebooks it's deceptively dense compared to US comics obsession with narrative decompression, but its a gripping and fun read.

Sadly, the one thing I didn't get to buy was Bryan Talbots Grandville: Bete Noire, due to, apparently, a screw up by the printers. Bryan seemed pretty annoyed when I asked him about it at about 12am on the Saturday and I can't imagine that a weekend of being asked the same thing by disappointed fans improved his  mood over the rest of the weekend!