Friday, April 17, 2015

Star Wars: The Curse You Can Never Be Free Of.

I don't know if anyone noticed but they snuck out a new trailer for the next Star Wars movie last night. 

 The general response to it has been pretty positive, which is odd in a lot of ways given we were all very excited to see the similarly well put together trailer for The Phantom Menace way back in the 1990s. OK, so this has the Millenium Falcon in it, so it's all going to be OK, right? 

Here's the thought, and it's longer than 140 characters so it's here not on Twitter. My reaction to the trailer is hugely positive - I mean, that opening shot is immense and lovely, and John Williams score pretty much exists to make you feel something whether you want to or not - but there is not weight to it, deliberately so, because they're so keen to give nothing away. But I reacted, deep down, with proper, choked up emotion. 

So what I realise is this - I will never, ever, be free of Star Wars. It's not the best film I've seen, its not the Greatest Film ever made - sorry, it's just not,and neither is The Empire Strike Back - but so much of my childhood has it embedded in it, I can never shake it. It's the first film I ever loved, and the imagery and music that is distinctly Star Wars taps into that so much. I can never escape it, because the scream of a TIE Fighter, or the buzz of a Lightsaber will always take me back there. 

As a final comment, I think that's why the prequels attract so much hate, disproportionate to their crimes. They're only movies, and they shouldn't mean that much to people, but they do. Its not rational. I'm not rational about it.

So I'm going to watch this again, and feed my inner 8-year-old.